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Apollo BSR Health Check

Research all over the World has proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospital only in times of distress. More than the cost, it is about the sheer joy of living a happy life without having to worry about one’s health.

In India, Apollo Hospital has in the last 2 decades focused it’s efforts to propagate the concept of wellbeing through preventive health check packages. The preventive health check packages are designed to suit the needs of wide cross sections of people across age groups. One of the most comprehensive Health Screening Programmes in the country, the Apollo Preventive Health Check offers you the convenience of all the tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for.

Programme Features Include:-

Assessment of individual medical history, together with a complete physician examination by a physician.
Resting Electrocardiogram and Chest X- Ray.
A set of 30 tests that give you a complete lab profile (Cholesterol and other related factors, kidney & Liver tests etc.)
Ultra sonogram of the abdomen.
Pap Smear test for Women.
Written report and review within 24-36 hours.
After going through your medical history, physical examination and reports, your physician may advise some more specialized tests or consultations at an additional cost, to facilitate an in – depth evaluation. All such tests and consultations are available at the Apollo BSR Hospitals and you will be given appointment on a priority basis.

Our Specific Health Check Packages

Apollo BSR Hospitals provides you different types of packages for your health checkup. You can select your health check package according to your choice.

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