• Arthritis Care Clinic
  • Facilities of Total & Partial replacement & resurfacing of Hip, Knee, Shoulder & Ankle Joints
  • Proper & Effective patient counselling for Arthritis by experienced Consultants & Surgeon
  • Proper backup by state of Art Physiotherapy department
    • Arthroscopic examination of Knee joint
    • Arthroscopic reconstruction & treatment of ligament and meniscal injuries
    • Arthroscopic Joint Lavage

Pediatrics and Neonatology


The Department of Pediatrics works in combination with the Labor and Delivery service. The Department of Pediatrics includes a 6 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is staffed by a team of specially trained Doctors and nurses providing intensive, round the clock monitoring and treatment of newborns.

Our Dept. of Paediatrics is equipped with tertiary level of Paediatric care with Paediatric ICU (PICU) and Neonatal ICU (NICU) with all incubators, warmers, phototherapy unit and latest paediatric ventilators. About 10 to 15% of newborns require some form of specialty care. Apollo BSR Hospital has one of the tertiary Level of Neonatal care facilities, allowing our physicians to provide expert care in even the most complex cases.

The Department of Pediatrics is able to provide this outstanding level of care not only because of its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but also because of its team of neonatal specialists. The NICU is staffed by highly trained nurses who have specialty training in caring for these newborns. They work with a group of Neonatologists pediatricians who have received a special training in the care of sick infants.

Internal Medicine and Respiratory Med.


The Department of Medicine is serving the immediate community, as well as patients from the nearby states & region. Through our General Internal Medicine and Medical Subspecialties, the mission of the department is to provide excellence in patient care and medical education.

The Department of Medicine is comprised of well qualified physicians and is responsible for providing high level of tertiary care. We provide comprehensive care in general internal medicine and related specialties. Acute medical care is provided by a medical specialist round the clock and outpatient care is made available for at least 12 hours every day to suit everyone's work commitments. Apollo BSR Hospital has an advanced respiratory medicine unit for early detection of diseases, performing required interventions and providing pulmonary rehabilitation to help patients with respiratory illnesses.

The department is equipped with state of art facilities in the care of respiratory and other thoracic disorders.

Specialists have expertise in a range of respiratory conditions including lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, chronic obstructive lung diseases including asthma, interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary vascular disease including pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders,acute and chronic respiratory failure, and various lung infections.



Fluorescent Angiography unit to diagnose retinal diseases like diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, laser photocoagulation unit to treat diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular diseases, myopic retinal degeneration and retinopathy of prematurity.

Cold Phaco for cataract surgery- no stitch, no admission & no pain. Yag laser to treat after cataract in pseudophakia & to treat Glaucoma cases.

Obstetrics and Gyanae


Apollo BSR Hospital is renowned for its special obstetrical service. Mothers and their newborns receive special care in our maternity care unit which consists of modern LDRs (labor, delivery, and recovery rooms), well baby nurseries, and a Neonatal Critical Care Unit which together make the Maternal-Child Health service a Center of Excellence for the Hospital. The Department of Gynecology offers a wide range of services for the management of all gynecological problems. These services include laparoscopic, laser and robotic procedures, diagnosis and treatment of breast, ovarian, cervical, or uterine cancers, infertility workup, treatment for fibroids and endometriosis, etc. The department also provides evaluation and treatment of menopausal conditions, osteoporosis and urological/gynecological disorders such as incontinence and uterine prolapse.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is totally committed to providing quality care while increasing patient satisfaction. The nursing staff, paramedical staff and residents have received special training to provide tertiary level care.

Infertility Clinic

  • Counselling
  • All Harmonal Test, HSG.
  • Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
  • IUI (AIH / AID)

ENT Department


Department of ENT in Apollo BSR hospital offers all the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat.

Treatment like Ear infection, disorders, Hearing disorders, Nose Disorders, Cough and Streptococcal Infections using the latest techniques.

Dental Department


Department of Dentistry in Apollo BSR hospital offers all the treatment includes routine treatment like scaling and polishing using the latest techniques.

All the type of filling apart from that we have facilities for other complicated ailments. Thanks to new dental technologies, modern dentists can treat patients more quickly, more efficiently and more comfortably. Some technologies have eliminated the use of drilling.

Other technologies allow dentists to make vast aesthetic improvements to a patients smile in half the normal time. And even more exciting are the developments that will enable patients to grow new teeth, perhaps permanently eradicating the need for drilling or filling!

Psychiatry Department


Psychiatric illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt thinking, feeling, behavior, ability to relate to others and daily functioning. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illnesses are medical conditions that often result in a diminished capacity for coping with the ordinary demands of life. Serious mental illnesses include major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and the addictions.

Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion or income. Mental illnesses are not the result of personal weakness, lack of character or poor upbringing. Mental illnesses are treatable.

Dermatology and Venrology


The department of dermatology & cosmetology was set up in Apollo BSR in 2007. We at Apollo not only have a complete medical dermatology section & dermatosurgery section but also a fully equipped cosmetology section too. We are treating routine out patients as well as have a good in patient set up too.

Dr. Bharat Chawda is the leading Dermato-surgeon and Cosmetic Laser Specialist practicing in India (Bhilai,Chhattisgarh).He has worked for more than 9 years in Delhi at various leading cosmetic and laser clinics. After completing his post graduation in Dermatology, venereology and leprology from MANIPAL ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION, MANIPAL ,he took his training on laser and cosmetology from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine ,Taiwan. Hair loss management and Hair grafting has been his area of interest and has been doing Microfollicular Hair grafting ,Single hair grafting, and follicular unit grafting for last 10 years. He has a team of trained para-medical staff for hair grafting. His other area of interest has been vitiligo, wrinkle management & lasers.


This involves all skin related problems like psorisis, viltiligo, pemphigus , allergic contact dermatitis etc..We are also equipped with latest phototherapy units( UVA & NBUVB) for treating psoriasis & vitiligo .Other skin procedures like fungal scarping & skin biopsy are also carried out. The department also has a patch testing unit for all kinds of allergic conditions.


We are doing all kinds of skin surgeries like punch grafting, blister roof grafting ,split thickness grafting for vitiligo cases. We also do electrocoutry and radiofrequency for various conditions like Skin tags , Warts, DPN, Pyogenic granuloma etc. Radio frequency is also used for birth marks like verrucous epidermal nevus ,dermal & compound moles.


We are well equipped with Lasers ,Peels ,Micro dermabrassion ,Derma-roller, Injections like Botox and Fillers & Hair Transplantation. We have a specialized hair institute section too dealing with all hair problems. Males and females in equal number visit our hospital for their cosmetic problems.

In Lasers we have high power Diode laser for unwanted facial & body hair .We have patients taking treatment not only for facial hair problem but also complete body hair .Laser works on the principle of selective photothermolysis in which it targets only black hair follicles. Patient usually requires 6-8 sessions at an interval of 4 to 6 wks . Pateints having PCOD may require more number of sessions. This is the latest method to get rid off unwanted hair with no side effects or scarring. Diode laser is the most powerful laser of all lasers like Nd:yag & IPL.

Chemical peel involves the application of one or more exfoliating agents (glycolic acid , salicylic acid etc) to the skin, resulting in mild destruction of portions of the epidermis and/or dermis with subsequent regeneration. We have Glycolic acid peel, salicylic acid peel & trichloro acetic acid peel to deal with various problems. Peels are usually used for pigmentory problems like melasma, dark circles ,post inflammatory hyperpigmentation etc. They are also used for all grades of acne (pimples) the best being salicylic acid peel. They are also used to improve the complexion and to remove the tan from the skin.


Microdermabrassion is a machine for causing very controlled ablation of skin .It has aluminum hydroxide crystals which causes this action. It is usually used in acne (pimples ) ,acne scars and facial rejuvenation.

Derma roller is used for treating acne scars esp box scars & rolling scars. Unlike lasers this does not require any dressing or especial precautions. It requires multiple sessions at an interval of 2-3 wks.It has also been used for facial rejuvenation, wrinkles, stretch marks etc.

For acne scars we also do subscission , punch floatation, punch excision and replacement, punch excision and suturing .

For wrinkles we have injections like Botox & Fillers. Botox is given for dynamic lines of face esp forehead lines,frown lines & crows feet. The effect lasts for 4-6 months .These are tiny injections with no side effect and it only takes few minutes for the procedure. For static lines of face esp laugh lines, marionette lines and frown lines we have fillers .These are collagen injections which are directly given over the effected region. The effect last for 6 months to 1 year depending upon the product used. These fillers are also used to produce fuller lips also called lip augmentation esp for people with thin lips.


For the first time in Chhattisgarh, Apollo BSR Hospital has established a Hair Institute in a hospital setup. We here deal with all types of hair problems .For hair analysis , trichogram is done in cases where its needed. Treatment includes not only medical management of hair loss ,but also surgical management .

In surgical management we do micro-follicular hair transplantation or single hair transplantation which is the latest. It is done by either FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction tech) or FUSE (Follicular Unit Strip Extraction tech).In this you get your own hair implanted and they grow as your natural hair. You can cut, shave , shampoo or color as you need. They tend to grow long and thick as your back hair. It gives a natural look with no scaring or pigmentation.

We also have non-surgical techniques to deal with the same. In this you get hairs within few hours .You can shampoo, condition or comb these hair according to need. One can drive bikes without the fear of it coming out. This is most favorite amongst our bollywood stars at the moment.

Yet another commonly used product amongst bollywood stars is hair sprays. It gives one a denser and fuller look in minutes. This is especially designed for those whose scalp is visible and has few hair on the scalp.


Laser for hair loss is the latest technique to fight against hair loss. This is FDA approved laser for hair growth and to arrest hair loss. Patient has to take minimum of 16 sessions of the laser. Along with lasers, patient can continue using his oral and topical medicines.

Mesotherapy is yet another latest technique for hair growth. It involves giving small injection over the bald site or areas having hair loss. It consists of mulvitamins and hormones for hair growth.

The following facilities are available

Medical management of hair loss.
Lasers to deal with hair loss-Latest-(US FDA approved).
Micro-follicular hair transplantation (FUSE & FUE Tech).
Synthetic hair grafting (Biofibre).
Non surgical hair replacement.
Hair bonding.
Hair clipping.
Hair taping.
Hair weafting.
Hair sprays.
Mesotherapy (meso hair)



Physiotherapy department provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life.

This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, disease or environmental factors. It is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the sphere of promotion, prevention, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. It has various specialties like cardiopulmonary, neurology, orthopedics, paediatrics , gynecology , geriatrics , etc.

Radiology and Pathology


For high quality ultra fast imaging of whole body, including small joints and neuromuscular structures. DWI- Diffusion weighted images / ADC mapping hyper acute infarct. Perfusion imaging and function MRI. Tissue Spectroscopy, Echo speed imaging and Tractography. MR Angiography and Veinography, MRCP.

Multislice CT

Whole Body CT Scan.
CT Angiography.
3D imaging of musculoskeletal system.
CT guided interventional procedures.
Virtual Endoscopy, Virtual Bronchoscopy, Denta Scan

Colour Doppler & Ultra Sonography

Abdominal and obstetric ultrasound. Small part USG- Thyroid, Testis, Orbit & Peripheral vascular Colour Doppler studies.

Digital X-Ray with CR & Laser Camera

Computerized high resolution X-Rays of all parts. Special X-Rays including Barium studies, IVP, HSG, MCU etc.


The Pathology department is fully computerized & has fully automated systems. We have the most sophisticated and fully automated newer generation Biochemistry auto Analyzer (BS300) and 5 part differential Cell Counter & Blood Analyzer (Cell Dyn 3200 and Excel 2280) which gives rapid and reliable results. We perform all the investigations such as Serology, ELISA, Microbiological and Blood Analysis under one roof.

We have highly qualiGed and trained Doctors and Technicians to do the investigations like Histopathology, Cytology and FNAC to detect the cancer at the early stage for better patient care and management. 24 hours testing facility available. Quality and reliability of reports are assured here.

Laparoscopic Surgery

  • image
    Dr. Amit Bengani
    • Academic Qualifications: 1. M.S. ( General Surgery ) Gauhati Medical College, Gauhati
      2. Fellow of Indian Association of Gastro Intestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons (FIAGES), New Delhi ( 2013)
      3. Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery ( FMAS) from BHU, Varanasi ( 2014)
    • Professional Experience: 1. Senior Residency (Urology) – 2008-2009 Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.
      2. Senior Residency Surgery (3 years) – Sardar Vallabhav Bhai Patel Hospital, New Delhi.
      3. Fellow of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons of India in August 2013 at Action Balaji Hospital, New Delhi.
      4. Laparoscopic Training & Surgical Associate at Maurya Sachkhand Hospital, Agra & Bhatia Global Hospital, New Delhi.
      5. Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery from Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi in August 2014.
      6. Assistant Professor in Department of Surgery at Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College & Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital, Raipur.
    • Expertise in Surgical Intervention: Trained to perform Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic surgery
      • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
      • Laparoscopic Appendectomy
      • Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy
      • Laparoscopic Spleenectomy
      • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
      • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia, Ventral Hernia, Paraumbilical Hernia, Incisional Hernia Repair
      • Laparoscopic Colectomies
              • Rt Hemicolectomy,
              • Lt Hemicolectomy,
              • Anterior Resection,
              • Low Anterior resection,
              • Abdomino Perineal resection
      • Laparoscopic Gastrectomy
      • Pancreatic Surgeries
              • Whipple’s preocedure
              • Freys procedure
              • Pseudocyst of pancreas
                      Laparoscopic Cystogastrostomy,
                      Laparoscopic Cystojejunostomy
      • Liver & bile Duct Surgeries
              • Bile duct stricture
              • Choledochal cyst
              • Liver Resections – Right, Left and Central Hepatectomies for Hepatic carcinoma
              • Liver Transplantation
      • Shunt Surgery & Devascularisation Surgery for Portal Hypertension
    • Unique Cases Performed
      by Dr. Amit Bengani:
      1. A 65 years / Female patient from Bemetra presented with complaints of something coming per anus. She was diagnosed to have Carcinoma Anal Canal. On CECT Abdomen, a large left ovarian cyst of size 11 cm X 10 cm was found incidentally. The volume of the cyst wall approx 300 ml. SILS Ovarian Cystectomy was done and patient was relieved of the large cyst and was discharged in healthy condition the next post operative day.
      2. An 18 years/ Male Patient from Charoda had ingested the cap of the bottle of wine and reported to hospital 24 hours after the incident. He was unable to swallow anything and had swelling in the neck. Upon investigation and X-rays the foreign body was lodged in the crico – oesophageal junction with extensive oedema surrounding the foreign body. It took much hardship to dislodge the foreign body. The foreign body was removed endoscopically under GA. The patient had also history of ingestion of bells in the past. The patient was stable and accepting orally at the time of discharge.
      Recently Laparoscopic SILS Appendicectomy was performed and patient was discharged the next post operative day.
      3. Another Feather Attached To The Cap. A 30 years old male patient from Balod District was suffering from weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss for 6-8 months. Upon investigation patient was diagnosed to have Carcinoma colon (right side). The cancerous growth was in the Hepatic flexure of colon. It was difficult for him to carry his agricultural work. Laparoscopic Extended Right Hemicolectomy with Extra Corporeal Ileo-Transverse Anastomosis was done. Patient was mobilized on 2nd post operative day. Liquid diet followed by soft diet was started on 5th post operative day. Patient was discharged comfortably on 7th post operative day.
    • Another Jewel In the crown: A 17 years old male patient came to me with CT Scan abdomen showing Carcinoma Rectum with invasive to prostatic capsule. Colonscopic biopsy came to be moderately differentiated adeno carcinoma of rectum. Down staging of the tumor was done with chemoradiation and then patient was taken for surgery after nutritional build up and correction of haemoglobin. Laparoscopic Abdomino Perineal Resection (APR) with permanent Descending End Colostomy was done. Patient was started orally on second post operative day and was discharged in stable condition on eighth post operative day.

      A 39 years old male patient having complaints of bleeding per rectum with decreased appetite. Patient’s haemoglobin was very low. Upon investigations and colonoscopy a growth in the splenic flexure of colon was seen. Biopsy came out to be moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of colon. After blood transfusions and nutritional build up and optimizing the patient, surgery was planned. Laparoscopic Left Hemicolectomy with Extra Corporeal Transverse Sigmoid (Side To Side) Anastomosis was done. Patient was mobilized on the second day of surgery and oral diet was started from fifth day and patient was discharged in stable condition on nineth post operation day.

      A 45 years old female patient presented with left upper abdominal lump. Upon Investigation ( CT Scan of Abdomen and CT Guided FNAC) the lump came out to be GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor). Initially the lump was confined to the Left hypochondrium but when the patient again presented in OPD after few months, the lump had almost reached up to the umbilicus and was crossing it. The size of the mass was 20 cm X 20 cm. Patient was taken up for GIST Excision with wedge resection of stomach. A huge 4kg tumor was excised with solid & cystic components. The tumor was arising from the posterior wall of the stomach and was in the lesser sac and was abutting the spleen, pancreas, stomach, transverse colon and the surrounding major vessels. After the surgery, patient was started on oral liquid diet from 4th Post OP day.