We have the latest Philips Allura FD10 machine, which has latest flat panel detector technology, which is the first & only Digital Cathlab in this region.

Cath Lab facilitates in diagnosing and treating heart patient while conducting angiographies, medicated and non- medicated stent and also the necessary ballooning effortlessly and that too within shortest possible time.

Angiography is of vital importance for detecting a blockage in the veins, circulating blood in human body and also during cardiac arrest or for the patients suffering from Gangrene, of even to detect the malfunctioning of kidneys. The ailments of such serious nature are treated by using much advanced techniques like angioplasty, stenting or ballooning. A hole in heart is also the cause of serious health hazards for several patients. Generally it is treated by a complicated and time consuming surgery. But in Cathlab the hole in heart can be sealed without operation or admitting the patient for much longer period in the ward for recuperating after this treatment.

In ordinary Cath labs, an image intensive fire X ray beam is transformed into a visual beam, and , on that basis a patient is treated by the specialist physicians. But the Detector in Digital Flat Panel Cath Lab has several times more capacity to transform X ray beam into the perfect visual image, which facilitates physicians and surgeons in diagnosing the ailment with accuracy and treating patients efficiently.

In Digital Flat Panel Cath Lab, a guard is specially installed for protecting the patient's body from Detector Tube. It also indicates any such malfunctioning in time.

This facility in Digital Cath Lab makes it possible to check the patient's insides from all angles without shifting of changing the patient position. Stand Boost Function is another vital facility available in Apollo BSR Hospital along with ultramodern Cardiac operation theatre with zero bacteria and touch free doors for minimizing the possibility of infection to a negligible level. Moreover, internationally acclaimed heart specialist like Dr. Dilip Ratnani, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist along with cardiac surgeon of high repute, Dr. Nishant S. Chandel, Sr. Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgeon are already rendering their valuable services at this prestigious multi specialty hospital. Now the people from Chhattisgath need not seek treatment at the Super Specialty Hospitals in metros, as they will be facilitated with the top quality treatment at Apollo BSR Hospital in their own city.

Dr. Dilip Ratnani
MBBS, MD, DM (Interventional Cardiology)
Sr. Interventional Cardiologist